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The majority of these compositions are bespoke creations tailored to sync briefs from Enterprise Corporations and Film Studios, commanding fees ranging from 2k to 10k. We are facilitating access to these exclusive tracks via a "sync license lease." This not only grants you discernment in music selection for corporate marketing strategies but also delivers substantial value to your marketing endeavors through meticulously curated musical offerings.

If you received a discount code from an affiliate please enter it in the notes of the final payment screen. After your payment is received for the third month you will receive a 15% refund on the three previous months of subscription.


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  • Access to our entire instrumental music catalogue, new songs added often.
  • A sync license PDF as your legal proof to confidently use our music in your projects for the duration of your subscription. 

Sonic Synergy Tier:

  • Access to the song stems for Pros (example: isolated bass, drums, strings, or guitar). 
  • Canva templates for beginners
  • Early access to new releases.  
  • Discounts on custom song production with quick turnaround times.
  • Discounts to license vocal tracks.

We deeply appreciate your support for our independent music career. Your subscription directly fuels our creative endeavors, without intermediaries or commissions, enabling us to consistently produce new music for your enjoyment. Subscriptions also empower us to collaborate with fellow musicians, offering them fair compensation for their contributions and enriching our catalog. Your subscription allows us to thrive as independent artists, doing what we love—creating music. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.