Watch the Livestream Replay - Pay what you want. Playlist link provided at checkout and available until May 31st. All support goes directly to the bands! - Fez Records was accepted as an official Record Store Day 2024 location for independent record stores. Fez Records is the only independent record store approved between Harrisburg, Scranton, & Pittsburg, 80-100 miles. Watch the livestream replay in 4k and recorded with a stereo condenser mic. Put your headphones on or speakers with a sub and feel like you are in the room with the band.


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Record Store Day 2024 Live Music at Fez Records Livestream Replay 4k

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Spaces In Between Productions, where innovation in sound meets professional excellence. Meet the dynamic duo of music production: Scott Pond and Casey Walke, a pair of talented cousins with an unwavering passion for crafting exceptional soundscapes tailored to your marketing demands for Sync Licensing.  

Their familial connection is more than just genetics; it's a secret ingredient that enables them to collaborate seamlessly, yielding finely-crafted compositions that deeply resonate with your audience. Like virtuoso artists, they employ various musical genres as their canvas, weaving emotive soundtracks that evoke profound emotions.  

Scott and Casey constitute a formidable songwriting force, capable of composing original pieces with impressive speed. They embrace feedback wholeheartedly, ensuring your vision is realized with remarkable efficiency. With an expertise in swift turnaround times, they are your trusted partners for time-sensitive projects.  

Drawing from a collective experience spanning over two decades, this duo excels in every facet of music production. They excel at crafting evocative lyrics, recording live instruments, and meticulously designing intricate string and piano arrangements. Their skills extend seamlessly into production, mixing, mastering, and the creation of captivating artwork.  

As a boutique production team, Scott Pond and Casey Walke offer a constantly expanding portfolio of diverse compositions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're a commercial filmmaker in search of the perfect soundtrack or in need of a customized musical composition, they stand ready to elevate your project with their exceptional musical talents. With Spaces In Between Productions, your creative vision will find its fullest expression through the harmonious collaboration of two cousins united by their profound love for music. 


Spaces In Between Productions expands musical services to Remote Music Production for singer-songwriters looking to craft their songs into full productions.

Casey also offers local services to the State College Area with Video Promotion through livestream and in-person music events and musical performances through Booking as a solo artist and acoustic duo.


Enterprise/Feature Film/TV Advertising/TV Shows/Podcasts - Fill out the form to contact us about custom work and licensing.

Subscription Model and individual song purchases of instrumental versions available for social media use for small businesses and content creators. 

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Spaces In Between Productions

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