Spaces In Between Productions Affiliate Program


Spaces In Between Productions is excited to introduce its Affiliate Program, providing content creators with a unique opportunity to access our premium instrumental songs for free. This program is designed to foster collaboration and support within the creative community. Fill out Form below to apply.

Affiliate Benefits:

  • Free Song for Content Creation:
    • Content creators will receive one complimentary instrumental song for use in a video. However, they must submit a draft of the video for approval before publishing.
    • Content creators may be eligible to become a Partner for additional free songs at Spaces In Between Production’s discretion
  • Discount Code and Commission:
    • Affiliates will be assigned a unique discount code granting a 15% discount on any instrumental song purchased through our website.
    • Affiliates will receive a 15% commission on each successful sale generated using their unique discount code, calculated after taxes/fees.
  • Referral Code for Corporate Sync Licensing:
    • The discount code can be utilized as a referral code for Corporate Sync Licensing.
    • Successful referrals resulting in a custom deal will earn the referrer a 15% commission after taxes/fees, while the purchaser enjoys a 15% discount.
  • Subscription Referral Bonus:
    • The referral code is applicable to subscription purchases and needs to be included in the notes of the last screen before payment is processed.
    • After 3 months of successful subscription payments, the subscriber receives a 15% refund after taxes and processing fees, and the referrer earns a 15% commission on the total 3-month payment amount after taxes/fees.
  • Access to our Creative Community
    • Join our message board with other creatives
    • Make suggestions on song creation
    • Support each other by liking, commenting, resharing significant content to boost the algorithm
    • Gain access to the best practices, resources & tutorials

Terms and Conditions:

  • Unique Discount Code:
    • The unique discount code must be provided at the time of sale to be considered valid.
  • Content Approval:
    • Content creators must submit a draft of the video featuring the free song for approval before publishing.
  • Corporate Sync Licensing Referral:
    • For Corporate Sync Licensing referrals resulting in a custom deal, the commission is applicable after taxes/fees.
  • Subscription Refund and Commission:
    • The 15% refund for the subscriber and the 15% commission for the referrer are calculated after deducting taxes/fees.

How to Join:

  • Apply:
    • Content creators can apply for the affiliate program through the Form below.
  • Approval:
    • Once approved, affiliates will receive their unique discount code and use of discount code constitutes agreement to these terms which can be terminated at any time by Spaces In Between Productions.

Spaces In Between Productions is committed to fostering a collaborative community and empowering content creators. Join our Affiliate Program today and be part of the harmony!

Apply to become affiliate